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The Tracks Of My Years

I listen to Radio 2 every day whilst at my desk. In fact I listen to Radio 2 almost everywhere, all the time. Every weekday morning Ken Bruce presents a slot called 'Tracks of My Years' where he invites a celebrity to pick ten songs that have soundtracked their life. I really enjoy listening to it and decided to do my own.

These ten songs are not my top favourite songs of all time - that would be virtually impossible for me to do! But these are songs that as soon as I hear them I know they mean something special to me.


1. Mr Blue Sky – ELO

This song reminds me of my dad, the man I adored who is sadly no longer here. I remember as a kid when dad bought the Out of the Blue album in the late ‘70’s with it’s gorgeous colourful artwork. He would play it and tell me it was the best album ever. I used to say, ‘Dad this is rubbish’. But as I grew older I realised he was right. We used to dance together and we changed the words to Mr Blue Eyes as my dad had the most beautiful blue eyes. This song makes me happy but also sad, it reminds me of him so much. 😢 


2Annie’s Song – John Denver

Given I was only 3 years old when this track was released I don’t really know how it has become one of my ultimate favourites. I seem to recall my mum loving this song, singing along to it on the radio, whilst doing the housework. Maybe I gurgled along to it whilst playing with my toys. Who knows, but I love it.


3. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

I love Fleetwood Mac but I think this is my all-time favourite track by them. Again this is a band I got into through Dad. I just love the passion and anger in this song. It was only years later when I was watching a documentary on Fleetwood Mac did I truly understand the whole song. The sheer angst and frustration between ex-lovers Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham is just incredible.


4. Careless Whisper – George Michael  

This track was released in 1984 and I was 13 years old when I fell in love with George Michael. I loved the video with his shining white teeth, his perfect hair, his gold hoop earrings and his well cut suit. To this day I do love a man in a good suit. 😂. I wanted to be the girl in the video, with George begging me to be his. This song just takes me back to my teenage years.


5. Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna  

I loved Madonna as soon as I first saw her on Top of The Pops. It was hard to choose just one song but Papa Don’t Preach is the one that made it to my final list. Madonna was indeed my style icon, I wanted to be her. I copied everything she wore. In this video I loved her striped Breton top, her straight leg, ‘slouchy’ jeans and her black leather jacket. I lusted after her peroxide blonde crop. I went crazy for her slogan t-shirt that said, ‘Italians Do It Better’. I was never allowed an ‘Italians Do It Better’ t-shirt but I can verify that I do possess a Breton top, vintage levi jeans and a black leather jacket and I still channel my inner Madonna when I wear this look 30 odd years later. I must also add here that Yazz and Bananarama were also my style icons! 😍 


6. Night Moves – Rickster

Probably the least known track to make my list. This was an underground house music hit of the late ‘80’s. I was at college studying fashion & textiles and in order to supplement my income I got a weekend job at a boutique clothing store in Edinburgh called Ricci Clothiers. I bloody loved working here! I remember my brother saying that I wouldn’t get the job cos ‘you had to be trendy’. But I did, obvs!  It was a fun four years, working mainly with crazy fun-loving boys who were DJ’s in their spare time. And the best part? – I got to wear clothes from the shop! I was in heaven. 😍 


7. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) – Soul II Soul

This song was out in the UK charts in 1989. In 1989 I was in my second year at college. As fashion students we were fortunate enough to go to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. We also attended many bars and nightclubs. I remember dancing in a club to this song. I had on a pair of denim dungarees, white hi-top Reebok trainers and a red and gold satin striped hat. I thought I was the bees knees in that outfit. I danced with a Frenchman called Josian. And that is where this story ends (for the readers) 😂


8. Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young

A song from 1978 but when I hear it, it takes me back to around 2008. I was running a business at the time and had 3 or 4 employees. One of the girls had the hots for the parcel delivery man and whenever he came in to collect parcels she would get all giddy and embarrassed. I remember one day this song just happened to be on the radio and myself and the rest of the team were in hysterics as the two of them had an ‘awkward chat’ in the corner, trying to ignore the rest of us. Fun times indeed!


9. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher – Jackie Wilson 

For some reason this is the song that I dance to with my pets. I danced with my rabbit who was called Nibbles and he lived to the ripe old age of 12. Now I dance to the same song with my dog Stanley. We often dance together in the kitchen and this is our preferred song to dance to. It makes us both happy. 🐶 


10. All Of Me – John Leged

The most up to date of all my choices! When this song was released in 2018 I remember thinking what a lovely song. I just think it is one of the most beautiful love songs ever, and it’s not full of fluffiness, it is full of honesty. This song also makes me emotional. The duet with violinist Lindsey Stirling is stunning. 


  • Tracy I'Anson

    Great blog G. I love how music transports is back to certain times. Even although I didn’t gel (bit of an understatement tbh) with my late step-dad, over the years, there was no denying he had a varied taste in music, and lots of still rubbed off on me. One in particular that was played at his funeral, seven years ago, was Squeeze, Labelled with Love, such a great song. Patsy Cline, Neil Diamond, Tammy Wynette, Donovan (not Jason, I hasten to add 🤣🤣), Roy Orbison, Elvis, The Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, to name a few random artists. Hope things are going well with Spinback 👌

  • Daniel Keech

    Brilliant blog Gill.

    The power of music, great songwriting and powerful vocals to make life better each day, take us back to past experiences and remind us of what and who we love, is an absolute gift.

    You have great taste in music too! 😉

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