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The Tracks Of My Years 2


Gill has persuaded me to step away from my spreadsheets and spend some time to come up with my Tracks of My Years - a list of songs that I love and really mean something to me every time I hear them. I actually found the exercise very therapeutic, maybe I should listen to her more. 😂


1. No More Heroes - The Stranglers 

One of my Uncle's took me into town to choose a present for my 13th birthday. I chose this album and when we got home my Mum asked to hear it. By the time we got to Bring on the Nubiles my Uncle was apologising over tea for having let me get it! 

Great album, great song. 👍 


2. All Around the World - The Jam

This was also released in 1977 and the pure energy and passion blew me away. This was The Jam's second single, with In the City somehow passing me by. From this moment I was a lifetime fan of The Jam and I still love the raw power.


3. The Impossible Dream - Andy Williams

My Dad sadly died at the start of 2021, but throughout his life he was a big music fan. He still sang in a band into his 80s. Not all his music stuck with me, but I did have a soft spot for Andy Williams whose voice is evocative of my younger years. What better song to pick than The Impossible Dream which showcases his smooth style. ❤️ 


4.Sunshine on Leith - The Proclaimers

I'm a Hibs fan, and have shed many tears to this.😢 


5. One Summers Dream - Electric Light Orchestra

I picked up on ELO with the release of A New World Record, and then the wonderful Out of The Blue and Discovery. This song is the closing track on an earlier album, Face the Music, and reminds me of exploring the band's back catalogue. This jumped out at me as an instant favourite, and yes it does make me smile and think of summer days, albeit there is a sadness in the song that hints at the coming of Autumn. 


6. Curse Curse - James

A much more recent song, and the band at their best. This is a go to track before going out as it is so lively with a strong sing-along chorus. I can see myself in many hotel rooms dancing to this before heading out for a night. 🎶 


7. The Last Man on Earth - Wolf Alice

This has only just been released as the first single from Wolf Alice's forthcoming third album. I felt an emotional attachment from the first listen. It doesn't remind me of anything in particular, but acts as a gateway to 4 minutes of introspection.


8. Destination Venus - The Rezillos

Considering The Rezillos only produced one studio album (until quite recently) they made a big impact. I never got to see them first time round, but have seen the reformed band several times which is always a great night out with pals. It's on this list as the band, and this song, remind me of long friendships and a common love of music.


9. DISCO - Ottawan

Instantly takes me back to school discos, worrying about which shirt to wear, meeting friends and arriving in a group, the possibility of a "snog" at the end of the evening and the long walk home often in the rain! ☔️ 


10. Distant Sky - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Such a beautiful song. First play of this was late at night driving back to Edinburgh from down South, a dark run up the M6 and the A702 with the family. Children asleep in the back. Nick Cave wrote this album following the death of his son Arthur, just 15, and it makes me think of my children safely asleep in the back.

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