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You Wear It Well

You wear it well. A classic 1972 track by the legend that is Rod Stewart. The phrase 'You wear it well' originally referred to clothing, as in the clothes you are wearing suit you and show you to you best advantage. However, in this song the word 'it’ is referring to age, and the experience of life, rather than physical clothing.

This inspired me to make a list of my favourite items of clothing and explain why I love them so much. I believe that as I have got older I am now so much more confident in my true style, so what Rod says about age and experience of life does actually reflect in what I wear. 

So what made my list? Well apart from my current daily loungewear which involves either a Spinback T-Shirt and/or Spinback sweatshirt here’s my list of favourite items from my wardrobe. 

I must point out that I don’t actually have many photographs of me wearing my favourite items. It was a struggle to find any tbh! I must learn to be more Insta-ready in future and remember to take some pics…

These are in no particular order, it’s just the order my brain spilled them out in.


1. Massimo Dutti Leather Jacket(s) 

I have wanted a beautiful leather jacket ever since I saw Madonna wearing one when I was a teenager. But I had to wait a long time to get the one I totally fell in love with.

My excitement of winning an eBay bid for a brown leather Massimo Dutti jacket in 2019 for £24.00 (including postage!) was just too much and the phrase ‘Massimo Dutti Leather Jacket’ has now become a ‘saved search’. MD leather is so exquisitely soft it’s just so delicious. As they are an Italian brand the sizing is pretty small so if you are after one just bear that in mind.

One time I lost out by £1 on a burgundy one that I was bidding on as I was at a drinks reception at Edinburgh Castle. I was having such a good time on the free wine I didn’t feel too bad. 😂  I won a black leather one again on eBay for £30.00. My most recent loss was an unsuccessful bid on a red one that I lost by £2.85 - that did hurt as I already had dreamt up images of outfits to wear utilising that red jacket.

Massimo Dutti leather jackets retail for around £250 so I suggest eBay to pick up a bargain!

After hunting for a pic of the leather jacket I can only find this one which shows a tiny bit of it. But tbh the stylish octogenarian I met one day in Edinburgh who was the most dapper gent I have EVER met steals the pic  😂  


2. River Island Flared Jean(s)

I love a flared jean and RI do some great jeans that suit my shape (and height). Being tall I often struggle to find trousers that are long enough in the leg but RI do a 34” leg for the long length and these are perfect for me.

My first denim flares I purchased in 2016 and I wear them to death. A dark denim mid-rise jean that is super comfy and can be dressed up or down. Last summer I purchased another pair, again from River Island, but this time in a mid-denim shade which are higher in the waist. I love them despite so far only wearing them once so far. These ones shall most definitely getting a trip to the pub whenever we are allowed out again!


3. Roll Neck Cashmere Jumpers

I LOVE cashmere jumpers, particularly roll neck ones. Most of my cashmere is from M&S but I did find a beauty in TK Maxx last summer (when the non-essential shops opened). A strange thing to buy in the sweltering heat but I stashed it away in the boxes under the bed and it emerged like a butterfly at the end of October.   

The TK Maxx one is from a brand called Tahari. Elie Tahari orginates from Israel but he moved to the USA in the early ‘70s and worked in New York. He opened his first shop in Madison Avenue and even more cool than that was his first fashion show was held at Studio 54 – the legendary nightclub where all the cool people went to be seen!

My roll neck cashmere jumper collection currently consists of 2 different camel shade ones, a light grey, and a black. And in a strange turn of events this charcoal grey one just turned up this morning as I was writing this blog... 😂

Defuzzing my cashmere has whittled away many a lockdown hour. If you have cashmere invest in a cashmere comb.



4. Lace Dress(es)

I do love a dress, and I love a lace dress more than any. My favourite lace dress is from Whistles and yes was pretty expensive. The one I have had totally sold out online and in my local Edinburgh store when I discovered I needed it in my life. I had friends in London tracking it down for me with no avail. Then one day, weeks later, when I was having a look round my local store there it was hanging there, all alone, IN MY SIZE! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I bought it in 2015 and it still looks immaculate. 

Next season they introduced the same style but in a fantastic orange colour. I love wearing this dress in the summer if I’m going out to a special event. It’s quite a dressy dress but I casual it down with my denim jacket. 

Style Tip – NEVER wear black and orange together unless it’s Halloween. 😁


5. Boots 

I do have a thing for boots and despite being tall I do love a boot with a heel! Why the heck not? My current fav boots I picked up from Office in the sale. I bought the white ones first, then about 6 months later the black ones were still showing online so I bought them too.

I like these ones so much because they are a bit slouchy looking and don’t cling to your leg. I wear them with jeans but also my summer midi dresses.

I do regularly have to get them re-heeled as the heels are teeny tiny in size and do wear down quite quickly. I blame this on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.


6. Denim Jacket

My little denim jacket must be about 7 years old now. I found it in John Lewis in the Fat Face concession, which is not a brand I had ever bought from before or since, my denim jacket purchase. Denim is a fabric that just gets better with age. It’s super soft denim and year after year when the weather warms up, out it comes for another season. It’s now started to get a little tear up near the right shoulder but I don’t mind, it just adds to the character.

I have a little tartan ribbon pin badge attached to the jacket which I got one night when leaving a show in the Edinburgh Festival and they were collecting for a local AIDS charity. I've never taken it off, I just like the wee flash of tartan. Here's a pic of my jacket and my lace orange dress!


7. Sweaty Betty Yoga Pants

My lockdown wardrobe has mainly consisted of these yoga pants worn with various Spinback tops. I purchased the brown marl pair last April and then snapped up the beetle blue pair later in the year when there was a 20% off promotion. They are so soft and comfortable and still look reasonably smart compared to a regular jogging bottom. 

8. Printed Maxi Dress

I don’t wear much print as a rule but when it comes to maxi dresses print is delicious! I have numerous summer maxi dresses which sadly hung mainly unworn during the summer lockdown of 2020. My favourite one is this blue print one from Per Una at Marks & Spencer (I know, it’s not concession I tend to go to but this piece is lush). I saw this dress before lockdown and was just drawn to the print. But I never bought it.

Then when the shops opened in the late summer last year I just happened to find one in the sale. Delighted, I snapped it up. I have worn it once in my garden on a sunny Saturday when I decided to dress up for my Saturday afternoon drinks and once when I met a friend for a drink when the pubs opened in July.

It also has pockets which is a strange phenomenon that excites so many women including me. 😆       




So there you go, the story of my favourite items in my wardrobe has come to and end. The astute amongst you will note that I have multiples of the same item of the things I love. I just find it a good thing to do. 

Writing this blog has brought back so many memories of happy times when we were allowed out to pubs, restaurants and events. I can't wait for those times to return again later this year.



  • Debbie

    Great blog x you wear your clothes well Gill 💕

  • Lorraine Weselby

    Love this ❤️ Always been in to fashion👗, quality clothing , putting looks together and some how it perfectly goes with my love of music 🎵 too !

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